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All Presentations in alphabetical order

  1. “Not instant soup!”: Negotiating belief in a Tibetan Buddhist forum by Maria Sharapan
  2. A Buddhist view of world peace by Ven. Ashin Indaka
  3. A Comparative Analysis of Nāgārjuna’s Śūnyatā Doctrine and Its Connection with Early Buddhism by Sanjoy Barua Chowdhury
  4. A Critical Approach To The Classification Of Buddhist Ethics In Theravada Buddhism by Ven.Sumana
  5. A Critique of Buddhist Education in Bangladesh by Ven. Shakya Priya Barua
  6. A Dynamic Explanation Of Gods In The Theravāda Buddhist Social Philosophy by Dr. Sadhana Ratna Samanera
  7. A Short Introduction to Non-dual Awareness by Will Pascoe
  8. Adapting the Monastic Vinaya to Australian Society by Ajahn Brahmāli
  9. Advancements And Challenges Of Buddhist Nuns In Bangladesh by Ven. Shakya Priya Barua
  10. Ajahn Brahm: A History of Buddhism in Western Australia
  11. An Analytical Study of Appamāda-Suttas in Pāli Tipitaka by Venerable Aung Shing Marma
  12. An Analytical Study of Dhammasanghani “Atthakatha” Commentary in Pali Tipitaka by Ven. Swe Sing Mong Marma
  13. An Arhat’s Altruism Found in the Sarvāstivādin Notion of Araņā by Ven. Dr. Yuan Liu
  14. Being-With-Uncertainty: Exploring Muddy Waters in Formal Education by Bec Sahr
  15. ''Buddha and Peace'' by Ven. Dr. Bulgan
  16. Buddha Nature and Zen : Origin and Representation in Japanese Architecture by Prof. Wong Wah Sang
  17. Buddhagaya, The Light Of Asia And Struggle For Spritual Mastery by Ven. Dr. Varasambodhi Thera
  18. Buddhism & Science in the 21st Century by Cicero T. Cortel
  19. Buddhism and Chakma Community by Venerable Soitiyo Lankar Vantey
  20. Buddhism and mental health: recovering from stress and anxiety by Dr Patricia Sherwood
  21. Buddhism and monastic communities in Germany by Carola Roloff
  22. Buddhism as a Religion of Universal Appeal and Communal Harmony: Exploring the Impact on Socio-Cultural Fabric of Punjab by Dr. Mohammad Idris Lourey
  23. Buddhism as an International Movement for Peace and Well-Being by Dr. Ian Cook
  24. Buddhism in Bangladesh : A Brief History by Professor Dr. Dipankar Srijinan Barua
  25. Buddhism in Bangladesh by Venerable Praben Kamer Barua
  26. Buddhism in Indonesia, Past and Present by Ven. Ditthisampanno
  27. Buddhism in the History of Latvia by Marika Laudere
  28. Buddhism, Distance Learning and Teaching the Dharma: Past and Present by Nick Swann
  29. Buddhism: A Portable Religion in Australia by Lewis Lancaster
  30. Buddhist Approach to Overcome Environmental Crisis by Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua
  31. Buddhist Linkages between India and Mongolia: Implications for Austral-Asian Region by Dr. Sharad K. Soni
  32. Buddhist Philosophy & Mindfulness by Dr. Aparna Sharma
  33. Buddhist Symbols, The Becon Lights to Nibbana by Ven. Dr.Bhikkhu Bodhipala
  34. Buddhist Values and Globalization by Hema Goonatilake
  35. Comparative study of the Compassion sutra (Mahayana Maha karuna Dharani sutra) with Early Buddhism
  36. Compassion and Its Ethical Value as Depicted in Early Buddhism by Ven. Pantu Chakma
  37. Conflict Resolution in South Thailand: Roles of Religious Leaders by Ven. Rimon Barua
  38. Dhamma Cakka (The Wheel of Law) : An important symbol of Buddhism by Prof. Dr. Bela Bhattacharya
  39. Dharmic Ecologies Down Under: An Ecocritical Perspective on Buddhist Symbolism in Australian Poetry by Dr. John Charles Ryan
  40. Dialogue between Tibetan Buddhism and feminism in Buddhist women’s lives by Sharin Shajahan Naomi
  41. Early Buddhist Art of Central India by Assistant Professor Vinay Kumar Rao
  42. Early Buddhist Critique of the Brahminical Theory of Varṇadharma and Svadharma by Ashin Sumanacara
  43. Embodied Cognition and Emotions: A Buddhist Perspective on Body-Mind Reactivity in Daily Life and Contemplative Life by Prof. Padmasiri da Silva
  44. Endowments, Patronage & Dana in Early Buddhist Mahavihara Tradition by Dr. Anand Singh
  45. Engaged Buddhism in Cambodia: Maha Ghosananda, Dhammayietra for Peace and Nonviolence by Ven. Piseth
  46. Enlightenment and Non-duality by Will Pascoe
  47. From Cover Girls to Monastic Banking by Nick Swann
  48. Gardens of Empty Nothing – The Zen Garden by Ven. Mujyo Williams
  49. Grass covers the Earth: A Buddhist Concept for Settling Disputes by Chunyang Zhou
  50. Guan Gong and the Karmapa Lama: Superscribing New Meaning on a Chinese 'God of War' by Joshua Esler
  51. History and Influence of Buddhism in Mongolian Society by Urangua Jamsran and Sharaa Munkhtsag
  52. How Buddhist traditions are transforming - and being transformed - through their relation with Western psychology by Bhante Sujato
  53. Interactions between Buddhism and Confucianism in Medieval Korea by Prof. Jongmyung Kim
  54. Is it Buddha mind-nature or the Robe? by Venerable Mujyo
  55. Jantāghara in Buddhist monasteries: an aspect of health benefaction & sanitation in ancient Sri Lanka by Ven. Aruna Shanta
  56. Linking Buddhist Kamma with Recent Telomere Scientific Discoveries By Venerable Canberra Damita
  57. Living like a Buddha by Dr. Malti Sakhare
  58. Medical Illustrations of the Atsagat Manba Datsan by Dr. Natalia Bolsokhoeva
  59. Mindfulness-based therapy treatments in modern psychology: Convergence and divergence from early Buddhist thought by Ann Murphy
  60. Mineral raw materials in Tibetan Medicine by Dr. Natalia Bolsokhoeva
  61. Mundgod: a Tibetan Buddhist Settlement in Karnataka State (South India) by Dr. S.G. Chalawadi
  62. Nagarjuna and Quantum Physics. Eastern and Western Modes of Thought. by Christian Thomas Kohl
  63. Need of value based education in the twenty-first century: Perspectives of Buddhism by Pramila Bakhati
  64. On Buddhism’s Schisms by Prof. Ian Cook
  65. On Conversation between Deleuzians and Buddhists by Professor Ian Cook
  66. Origin and symbolism of Buryatian Buddhist architecture by Dr. Tsybikdorzhiev Dorzhi Vladimirovich
  67. Pāli and Sanskrit Studies in Myanmar by Ven. Dr. Ashin Ketu
  68. Pandit Vihar : The Old University of Chittagong by Venerable Dr. Jinabodhi Bhikkhu
  69. Past, Present and Future Buddhism in Thailand by Dr. Sree Mattananda Sraman
  70. Psychotherapeutic Value of Theravada Buddhism on Six Temperament Traits (Carita) by Swe Swe Mon
  71. Re-Examination—The Modernisation of Buddhism by Ven. Dr. Chang Qing
  72. Research methodology in Tibetan Buddhist studies: The Indo-Tibetan mandala as a conceptual framework and interpretive philosophy by Layne Mayard
  73. Schism in Early Buddhist Sangha and Role of Devadatta as Depicted in the Pali Tipitaka by Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh
  74. Socially Engaged Buddhists & Aboriginal Australians: Similar Conceptions of Time Could Lead to a Unique Community of Support by Dr. Mark A. Toole
  75. Steve Jobs: A Practicing Buddhist, an Entrepreneur, and an Innovator by Joshua Guilar and Karen Neudorf
  76. Symbols in Theravāda Buddhist Meditation (Bhāvanā) by Chand R. Sirimanne
  77. Taoist Mysticism and Buddhism by Heejae Lee
  78. The Applicability of the Sevenfold Purity in Insight Meditation for the Alleviation and Curing of Problematic Behavior and Mentality by Dr. R. M. Rathnasiri
  79. The Cessation of Consciousness in Vipassanā Meditation by Ven. Bhikkhuni Anula Devi
  80. The Coexistence between Economic Development and Religious Devotion- Based on the Present Situation in Japan by Eigen Onishi
  81. The current state of Buddhism in ethnical Buryatia (the materials on sociological researches) by G.E. Manzanov
  82. The current state of Buddhism in Kalmykia by Chagdir Sandzhiev
  83. The Enlightened Female – Buddhism, women and being a mother by Dr. Meg Adam
  84. The Founder of State Pariyatti Sasana Universities by Venerable Ashin Ketu
  85. The Green Buddha: Buddhism and Sustainability by Dr Patricia Sherwood
  86. The Impact of Buddhism on Cambodian Way of Life by Venerable Suy Sovann
  87. The Influence of Buddhism in NSW Australia by Mengjee Foo
  88. The Kammic Consequences Of Rebirth From One Existence To Another by Ven. Canberra Damita
  89. The Nature of the Koan by Ross Bolleter
  90. The Relevance and Implications of the Three Core Characteristics of Existence, Impermanence, Unsatisfactoriness and Non-Self, in Buddhist Teachings for the 21st Century Multicultural Australia by Chand R. Sirimanne
  91. The Role and Impact of Vessantara Jātaka in the Lao PDR by Ven Sayadej Vongsopha
  92. The role of food in Thai women's engagement with Theravada Buddhism in Western Australia by Tamara Bulcock
  93. The Sarvāstivāda Soteriology and the Mārga Schema by Liew Jew Chong (Venerable Dhammapāla)
  94. The Significant Doctrine of the Saddharmapundarīka Sūtra (Lotus Sūtra) and its Connection with the Tian Tai School by Sanjoy Barua Chowdhury
  95. The Teachings of Buddha and Good Governance in Modern India: A Socio-Economic Analysis by Ravi Shankar Singh
  96. The Transmission of Buddhism in the West by Mamun Barua
  97. The Way of the Ruler - Daoism in Chinese Politics by Ryan McDermott
  98. Theravada and Mahayana: Parallels, Connections and Unifying Concepts by Venerable Jinabodhi Bhikkhu
  99. Tibetan Buddhism and Environmental Protection in China by Joshua Esler
  100. Tibetan Buddhism unbounded - The Zimwock Rinpoche lineage by Dr. Pauline Gallagher & Venerable Freeman Trebilcock
  101. Tibetan-Mongolian dictionaries (from Amarakośa to Triglotte via Mahāvyutpatti) by Natalia Yakhontova
  102. Towards an Australian future without Buddhism by Ven. Mujyo
  103. Understanding the Doctrines of Rebirth and Nibbana of Buddhist Philosophy Through Energy Dynamics by Prof. B. L. Jadhav
  104. Vijñaptimātra: Mind Only a Guide to Freedom from Duality by Mausham Ratna Shakya
  105. Western Women: Maroon Robes by Venerable Lozang Tseten
  106. What Buddhism means to a Buddhist by Ashin Indaka
  107. What Insights Can Tiantai Buddhism Offer Higher Education? by Ven. SHI Sheng Ying
  108. What is happiness? by Ashin Indaka
  109. What’s a Buddhist to Do in the Face of Global Environmental Collapse? by Dr. Ian Cook
  110. Why is Guan Yin not wearing Chanel?: The development of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism and its manifest in material culture by Chan Chow Wah
  111. Zen: A Buddhist school beyond the language by Dr.Mingshu Liu, Gengsen Qian