Chagdyr Sandzhiev

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Mr. Chagdyr Sandzhiev was born in 1980. In 2002 graduated from Kalmyk State University. The master of philology. In 2003 has ended faculty of law by distance education . From 2003 till 2008 was studied at Central Institute of higher tibetan studies (Varanasi). Since 2008 - the head of literary-translational department of the central Buddhist monastery of Kalmyk Republic. The researcher of department of written monuments and buddhology of Kalmyk institute of humanitarian studies Russian Academy of Sciences.

He has experience of participation in a number of conferences in different parts of the world. Chagdyr was a member of a group of interfaith dialogue between religious leaders of US and Russia (2010). He took part in the International Buddhist conference in Buryatia (2010). He was a member of a retreat group led by Mr. Alan Wallace in Thailand (2010).