Dr. Mingshu Liu

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Dr. Mingshu Liu converted to Buddhism in 2011, and won the M.Sc and Ph.D from University of Science and Technology of China respectively in 2009 and in 2013. By now Dr. Liu is the Chief Study Officer of Institute for Organizational learning, Member of Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, The specially invited researcher of Chinese Academy of Guanzi, Researcher of Open University of Chinese Culture, Member of China Association for NGO Cooperation.

Dr. Liu`s researching fields included Buddhism and science, Organization Culture, Chinese management. Recently, Dr. Liu has been putting his research of management based on Chinese culture and Buddhism into practice. Dr. Liu has offered services for governments, enterprises, colleges and NGOs, and published 20 more refereed journal articles, newspaper article, conference paper, and delivered 31 keynote Speech, 11 Conference presentations in domestic and international conferences, won Bronze medal of China young volunteer in 2004