Natalia S. Yakhontova

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Natalia S. Yakhontova , PhD, is a senior researcher at the St. Petersburg branch of Institute of Oriental Studies Russian Academy of Sciences (department of Turcologic and Mongolian studies).

Scholarly interests – old Mongolian and Oirat texts, the Oirat language

Natalia S.Jakhontova graduated from the Oriental Faculty of St.Petersburg (former Leningrad) State University in 1979.

After that she studied three years at St.Petersburg branch of Institute for Oriental Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences) and starting from 1982 works there as a senior researcher in the Department of Turkological and Mongolian Studies

In 1983 doctoral thesis "The Oirat language (basing on the text of "The Sutra of Golden Light "). was finished.

From 1990 to 1995 she was the Academic secretary of the St.Petersburg branch of the Institute for Oriental Studies .

Written 40 scientific articles and books.

Participated in The 9th International Congress of Mongolists in Ulan Bator in 200, the International Symposium on the Suvarnaprobhasottama-sutra ("Sutra of Golden Light") in Beijing in 2006 and several others in Moscow, Elista and Ulan-Ude.