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  1. ''Buddha and Peace'' by Ven. Dr. Bulgan
  2. Adapting the Monastic Vinaya to Australian Society by Ajahn Brahmāli
  3. Ajahn Brahm: A History of Buddhism in Western Australia
  4. An Arhat’s Altruism Found in the Sarvāstivādin Notion of Araņā by Ven. Dr. Yuan Liu
  5. Buddhism and monastic communities in Germany by Carola Roloff
  6. Buddhism as an International Movement for Peace and Well-Being by Dr. Ian Cook
  7. Buddhism in Indonesia, Past and Present by Ven. Ditthisampanno
  8. Buddhism in the History of Latvia by Marika Laudere
  9. Buddhism: A Portable Religion in Australia by Lewis Lancaster
  10. Buddhist Approach to Overcome Environmental Crisis by Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua
  11. Buddhist Linkages between India and Mongolia: Implications for Austral-Asian Region by Dr. Sharad K. Soni
  12. Buddhist Values and Globalization by Hema Goonatilake
  13. Engaged Buddhism in Cambodia: Maha Ghosananda, Dhammayietra for Peace and Nonviolence by Ven. Piseth
  14. How Buddhist traditions are transforming - and being transformed - through their relation with Western psychology by Bhante Sujato
  15. Medical Illustrations of the Atsagat Manba Datsan by Dr. Natalia Bolsokhoeva
  16. Mineral raw materials in Tibetan Medicine by Dr. Natalia Bolsokhoeva
  17. Origin and symbolism of Buryatian Buddhist architecture by Dr. Tsybikdorzhiev Dorzhi Vladimirovich
  18. Pāli and Sanskrit Studies in Myanmar by Ven. Dr. Ashin Ketu
  19. Steve Jobs: A Practicing Buddhist, an Entrepreneur, and an Innovator by Joshua Guilar and Karen Neudorf
  20. The current state of Buddhism in ethnical Buryatia (the materials on sociological researches) by G.E. Manzanov
  21. The current state of Buddhism in Kalmykia by Chagdir Sandzhiev
  22. The Role and Impact of Vessantara Jātaka in the Lao PDR by Ven Sayadej Vongsopha
  23. The Teachings of Buddha and Good Governance in Modern India: A Socio-Economic Analysis by Ravi Shankar Singh
  24. Tibetan Buddhism unbounded - The Zimwock Rinpoche lineage by Dr. Pauline Gallagher & Venerable Freeman Trebilcock
  25. Tibetan-Mongolian dictionaries (from Amarakośa to Triglotte via Mahāvyutpatti) by Natalia Yakhontova