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  1. An Analytical Study of Appamāda-Suttas in Pāli Tipitaka by Venerable Aung Shing Marma
  2. Buddhism and Chakma Community by Venerable Soitiyo Lankar Vantey
  3. Buddhism in Bangladesh by Venerable Praben Kamer Barua
  4. Endowments, Patronage & Dana in Early Buddhist Mahavihara Tradition by Dr. Anand Singh
  5. Guan Gong and the Karmapa Lama: Superscribing New Meaning on a Chinese 'God of War' by Joshua Esler
  6. Is it Buddha mind-nature or the Robe? by Venerable Mujyo
  7. Pandit Vihar : The Old University of Chittagong by Venerable Dr. Jinabodhi Bhikkhu
  8. Past, Present and Future Buddhism in Thailand by Dr. Sree Mattananda Sraman
  9. Schism in Early Buddhist Sangha and Role of Devadatta as Depicted in the Pali Tipitaka by Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh
  10. The Coexistence between Economic Development and Religious Devotion- Based on the Present Situation in Japan by Eigen Onishi
  11. The Founder of State Pariyatti Sasana Universities by Venerable Ashin Ketu
  12. The Green Buddha: Buddhism and Sustainability by Dr Patricia Sherwood
  13. The Impact of Buddhism on Cambodian Way of Life by Venerable Suy Sovann
  14. The Nature of the Koan by Ross Bolleter
  15. The Sarvāstivāda Soteriology and the Mārga Schema by Liew Jew Chong (Venerable Dhammapāla)
  16. Theravada and Mahayana: Parallels, Connections and Unifying Concepts by Venerable Jinabodhi Bhikkhu
  17. Understanding the Doctrines of Rebirth and Nibbana of Buddhist Philosophy Through Energy Dynamics by Prof. B. L. Jadhav