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  1. An Analytical Study of Dhammasanghani “Atthakatha” Commentary in Pali Tipitaka by Ven. Swe Sing Mong Marma
  2. Being-With-Uncertainty: Exploring Muddy Waters in Formal Education by Bec Sahr
  3. Buddhism and mental health: recovering from stress and anxiety by Dr Patricia Sherwood
  4. Compassion and Its Ethical Value as Depicted in Early Buddhism by Ven. Pantu Chakma
  5. Early Buddhist Art of Central India by Assistant Professor Vinay Kumar Rao
  6. Embodied Cognition and Emotions: A Buddhist Perspective on Body-Mind Reactivity in Daily Life and Contemplative Life by Prof. Padmasiri da Silva
  7. Mundgod: a Tibetan Buddhist Settlement in Karnataka State (South India) by Dr. S.G. Chalawadi
  8. On Conversation between Deleuzians and Buddhists by Professor Ian Cook
  9. Socially Engaged Buddhists & Aboriginal Australians: Similar Conceptions of Time Could Lead to a Unique Community of Support by Dr. Mark A. Toole
  10. The Applicability of the Sevenfold Purity in Insight Meditation for the Alleviation and Curing of Problematic Behavior and Mentality by Dr. R. M. Rathnasiri
  11. The Cessation of Consciousness in Vipassanā Meditation by Ven. Bhikkhuni Anula Devi
  12. The Influence of Buddhism in NSW Australia by Mengjee Foo
  13. The Relevance and Implications of the Three Core Characteristics of Existence, Impermanence, Unsatisfactoriness and Non-Self, in Buddhist Teachings for the 21st Century Multicultural Australia by Chand R. Sirimanne
  14. The role of food in Thai women's engagement with Theravada Buddhism in Western Australia by Tamara Bulcock
  15. Tibetan Buddhism and Environmental Protection in China by Joshua Esler
  16. Towards an Australian future without Buddhism by Ven. Mujyo
  17. What Insights Can Tiantai Buddhism Offer Higher Education? by Ven. SHI Sheng Ying