Presentations 2015

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  1. A Buddhist view of world peace by Ven. Ashin Indaka
  2. A Comparative Analysis of Nāgārjuna’s Śūnyatā Doctrine and Its Connection with Early Buddhism by Sanjoy Barua Chowdhury
  3. A Critical Approach To The Classification Of Buddhist Ethics In Theravada Buddhism by Ven.Sumana
  4. A Short Introduction to Non-dual Awareness by Will Pascoe
  5. Buddha Nature and Zen : Origin and Representation in Japanese Architecture by Prof. Wong Wah Sang
  6. Buddhism as a Religion of Universal Appeal and Communal Harmony: Exploring the Impact on Socio-Cultural Fabric of Punjab by Dr. Mohammad Idris Lourey
  7. Buddhist Symbols, The Becon Lights to Nibbana by Ven. Dr.Bhikkhu Bodhipala
  8. Dhamma Cakka (The Wheel of Law) : An important symbol of Buddhism by Prof. Dr. Bela Bhattacharya
  9. Dharmic Ecologies Down Under: An Ecocritical Perspective on Buddhist Symbolism in Australian Poetry by Dr. John Charles Ryan
  10. Dialogue between Tibetan Buddhism and feminism in Buddhist women’s lives by Sharin Shajahan Naomi
  11. Gardens of Empty Nothing – The Zen Garden by Ven. Mujyo Williams
  12. Grass covers the Earth: A Buddhist Concept for Settling Disputes by Chunyang Zhou
  13. Interactions between Buddhism and Confucianism in Medieval Korea by Prof. Jongmyung Kim
  14. Jantāghara in Buddhist monasteries: an aspect of health benefaction & sanitation in ancient Sri Lanka by Ven. Aruna Shanta
  15. Linking Buddhist Kamma with Recent Telomere Scientific Discoveries By Venerable Canberra Damita
  16. Nagarjuna and Quantum Physics. Eastern and Western Modes of Thought. by Christian Thomas Kohl
  17. Re-Examination—The Modernisation of Buddhism by Ven. Dr. Chang Qing
  18. Symbols in Theravāda Buddhist Meditation (Bhāvanā) by Chand R. Sirimanne
  19. The Way of the Ruler - Daoism in Chinese Politics by Ryan McDermott
  20. Vijñaptimātra: Mind Only a Guide to Freedom from Duality by Mausham Ratna Shakya
  21. Why is Guan Yin not wearing Chanel?: The development of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism and its manifest in material culture by Chan Chow Wah
  22. Zen: A Buddhist school beyond the language by Dr.Mingshu Liu, Gengsen Qian