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Dr.Bhikkhu Bodhipala was born a Protestant-Christian in the year 1955. His ancestors embraced Christianity in the middle of 19th C (i.e in between 1850s to 1900) and served as Christian Clergies in various Protestant churches and all were well educated at least qualified in undergraduates. His maternal grandmother was a first class Magistrate in British India and served as recruiting officer for British army during IInd WW in India. His paternal grand mother was a court-nurse in the Sivaganga Samasthanam technically called Jameen, a small county in British India and in the same capacity as court-nurse in another Jameen called Singhampatti which was also a small county in British India. His maternal grand father was a teacher and paternal grand father was a District Forest Officer in British India. His parents were teachers served in British Government as well as continued in free India.

In 1976 he qualified in B.A., Economics. In 1976 he embraced Buddhism and began to observe pancaseela as a upasak under the perceptorship of (Late)Ven.Dr.Ellwala Nandiswara Nayaka Thera who was the then General Secretary of Maha Bodhi Society of India in Kolkata. In the year 1980 in Deekhshabhumi at Nagpur he was ordained as a Samenera under the perceptorship of (Late) Ven.Dr.Anandakousalyayana Mahathera. From the year 1980 to 1999 he served in the ministry of labour, Government of India in The Employees Provident Fund organization. He was ordained as Upasampatha Bhikkhu by (Late) Ven.Dr.Rastrapala Mahathera 1997 in Bodhgaya. Even though he was an ordained monk he was attending to his office in the traditional monk’s robe for two years. As it is against Vinaya he opted for voluntary retirement from 1999 and getting his minimum pension .Now he has established his own monastery and meditation Centre. He has completed 17 years vassa, the sacerdotal age in Theravada Monastic life.

1) Academic achievements:
i ) B.A., in Economics
ii) M.A., Gandhian Thought,
iii) M.A., in English Litt.,
iv) Diploma in Interreligious Dialogue
v) Diploma in Gandhian Thought ,
vi) M.Phil.,( Peace Making) Ph.D., Vipassana (Satipatthana) Bachelor of General Law (incomplete)
2) Publications : 20 Tamil Books on Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation and 6 Books in English
3) Worldwide reputed books i) Studies in Vipassana ii) Buddhist Physics
4) Radio programmes: 200 panel discussion in Tamil on Buddhism and 100 talks in Tamil on Buddhism,Sri Lanka Broadcasting corporation.
5) 10 hours programme in English SLBC
6) 30 panel discussion in Rupavahini Television in SriLanka on Buddhism
7) 30 National Seminars attended
8) 10 international seminar attended
9) 7 countries visited
10) Initiated in vipassana meditation 8000 individuals so far and continuing teaching vipassana
11) Presently engaged in training selected individuals in Tiebtan yoga and Reiki
12) Giving training in occult exercise.
13) And he will be continuing his Buddhist service as an engaged Buddhist