Ven. Dr. Chang Qing

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Venerable Dr. Chang Qing, a Buddhist monk from Singapore was ordained in 1989. He obtained his BA in Chinese Literature from the National Taiwan University (1993) and his PhD in Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol (UK, 1998). Venerable Dr. Chang Qing had published several English/Chinese articles and attended several International conferences. In 2011, he was presented a paper entitled “A Study on Ji-Zhang’s commentary of Diamond Sutra” at a conference which was organized by the International Association of Buddhist studies (IABS) at Dharma Drum in Taiwan. The article was published in the Mahachulalongkorn Journal of Buddhist Studies (MJBS) in 2011. He had published a book entitled “The Two Truths in Chinese Buddhism” in India and the Chinese translated version in Taiwan. His areas of research interest include the Madhyamaka thought in India and China, the philosophy of Three Treatises, Buddha-nature and etc. His current research focuses on the Ji-Zhang”s work on The Random Thought of Nirvana Sutra.

Currently, he serves as an Assistant Professor at the Buddhist Collage of Singapore. Venerable Dr. Chang Qing is a member of the International Association of Buddhist studies, UK Association for Buddhist Studies and International Society for Chinese Philosophy.