Ven. Dr. Shih Lien-Hai

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Dharma lineage

1.Inherited the dharma lineage of Ten-tai Sect as the 46th descendent
2.Inherited the dharma lineage of Fa-yan Sect as the 11th descendent
3.Inherited the dharma lineage of Ling-chi Sect as the 45th descendent
4.Inherited the dharma lineage of Chao-tung Sect as the 48th descendent
5.Inherited the dharma linage of Huen-men Sect as the 14th descendent
6.Inherited the dharma linage of Wei-yang Sect as the 15th descendent


  1. Professor of the Institute of China Buddhism # General Administrator of the Institute of China Buddhism # Dean of Students of the Institute of China Buddhism # Elected as the standing director of Chinese Monastery Association
  2. Elected as standing director of the China Organization of Tathagata Dharma Administration
  3. Elected as the chairman of Taipei Buddhist Sangha Sponsor Association
  4. Elected as standing committee of Chinese Buddhist Sangha Sponsor Association
  5. Elected as standing director of Chinese Monastery Association
  6. Elected as director of Taipei Buddhist Association
  7. Instituted the Lotus Sea Temple and assuming the capacity of abbot
  8. Instituted the Seven-gem Crystal Temple, assuming the abbot capacity
  9. Nominated as director of Dharma Sect Journal
  10. Nominated as the instructor of Chinese International Vegetarian Association
  11. Nominated as director of Association of Chinese Buddhist Merit and Charity
  12. Nominated as the advisor of Protection Society against Criminal Victims
  13. Nominated as councilor of Taoyuan Buddhist Association
  14. Instituted the Buddhist Tripitaka Dharma Center, assuming the capacity of president
  15. Elected as the administrator and executive committee of the Worldwide Chinese Sangha Association
  16. Elected as executive committee of World Buddhist Sangha Association
  17. Nominated as the president of World Buddhist Sangha Youth.
  18. Elected as the chairman of World Buddhist Development Association


  1. Having visited the four most famous Buddhist mountains in China, spreading the affinity all over Chinese mainland.
  2. To administer Buddhism in popular TV stations
  3. Being invited to preach Buddhism in military and private prisons.
  4. Sponsoring and assuming vice president in Almsgiving Ceremony in Kaohsiung
  5. Hosted the national praising and almsgiving ceremony, inviting the most honorable Buddhist monk, Rev. Wu-ming as the instructor
  6. Being awarded by the Sangha Association for collaborating with the Buddhist community to acquire the recognition of Buddhist calendar
  7. Consolidated the Sangha societies to dedicate in rescue of 921 earthquake
  8. Being invited by Chinese Buddhist Society to the South Buddha Temple in Ha-men of Fu-kien Province to preside the praying and transcending ceremony for the victims of SARS
  9. Presently, sitting in the president of World Buddhist Sangha Youth, dedicating in the promotion of international exchange of Buddhism as to spread Buddha dharma.
  10. Having attended many international Buddhist conferences, appearing in the countries of southeast and northeast Asia.